It is no wonder that Maui is one of the number one wedding destinations in the world. It caters to a truly diverse group of visitors. If your heart’s desire is to lounge by the pool at a five-star hotel sipping exotic drinks, shopping for luxury goods, and beachfront fine dining we got you. If your more of a nature lover that would rather hike to a secret muddy waterfall, eat fresh fish with the locals, surf the North Shore and then retreat to your B&B jungle bungalow we got you too.

Maui is not only a visually spectacular, nature made venue but a wonderful place for your guests to have an incredible vacation. 

I have traveled to many places in the world and have yet to find a place where so much incredible talent and passion for weddings can be found in such an intimate feeling place.

To be a vendor on Maui is to be at the top of your game. Our clients are global and travel here from every corner of the earth. To be a vendor on Maui is to be educated in customs, trends, and traditions from all around the world. The amount of commitment, education, and passion for one’s craft needs to be incredibly high in order to meet the challenges of constant diversity. There are no cookie-cutter weddings and no cookie-cutter couples in our neck of the palm trees. Because of this, I find that every vendor I know is in constant pursuit of honing their craft, evolving their perspective, and desires to bring world-class excellence to all that they do.


Hiring Locals is the Right Thing to Do

All of the boasting about our local talent aside less talk brass tacks on why I believe hiring Maui vendors for a Maui wedding can be the best recipe for making things run seamlessly. I’m a great optimist but having been a makeup and hair artist on Maui for over 20 years I have seen it all. Every location in the world will have it own unique locational challenges, traffic patterns, weather, ……. And even clients will have some little hiccup like hanging their wedding dress on a sprinkler head… yes, this really happened and that “water” was black. The difference between hiring local and hiring an off-island vendor or coordinator is this, we know the drill, we’ve done this before, we will come together as a team and will pull off the most amazing day for you regardless of the challenges. We know who can get the black muck out of your dress. Your local coordinator will know that if the surf is high the “Google pronounced 45 minute” drive to your venue may take longer and can make adjustments to your timeline so no one runs late, your photographer will know the best secret waterfall for your honeymoon shoot, chances are your videographer will know your photographer and they will work together getting all of the shots and footage they need without getting in each other’s way. Our vendors are like family, like a well-oiled machine who will step in and help transition each moment effortlessly so all that is left for you to do is enjoy your little heart out.

Five reasons why local vendors are No ka oi (the best):

1) Vendors are like family.

People who live here know people who live here and know Maui best. A lot of your vendors will know each other and work together often. Why is that important? Because friends work well with friends and each person is sensitive and respectful of one an others time schedule, craft and style. We know how to dance together without bumping into each other because we are like a family who knows the steps. And when we know the steps things run smoothly.

When I know the photographer you chose, and have received thousands of images from them over time, I may make a slight adjustment to how I do your makeup based on their editing style. It’s a million little details like this all add up to a seamless choreography.

2) The weather and climate here is a special creature.

The warm balmy sunshine that brings people here will also flatten your curls and melt that makeup off your face in under 40 minutes. Unless you have a professional who has tried and tested every humidity-proof product on the planet to come up with the very best case scenario to combat the elements you will undoubtedly end up a hot mess even if that artist you flew in from NY works on Beyonce. If you want your face to be as flawless at your last dance as it was when you left their chair you had better consider securing someone who works in this climate and knows that a “blow-out” will not suffice as an all-day hairstyle.

3) We know Maui better than anyone else

Some of our clients decide to get married here because they have been here many times, grew up here or have special memories of this island that they want to share with their guests. But for most of our couples, they are planning the biggest day of their lives and they don’t arrive with a network. That’s where we come in. We are their network, the insiders who are collectively here to help you problem-solve, create, refer, and get the very most out of your time here.   

4) We have amazing diversity.

When I started out in this business over 20 years ago I could count the wedding photographers on one hand. We had just a few coordinators and not much else. Fast forward a few short years to custom linens, artisan-made lounge furniture, fresh coconuts at your reception, luxury picnics, and custom food stations at your ready. We have a specialized service for just about anything your heart would desire. Styles are diverse and the talent has been well crafted.  With so many on island choices finding a vendor you click with on a personal level could not be easier.

5) We love our clients.

Each of us is passionate about getting to know you and help you cultivate something special that is yours alone. Many of the people in my life that started out as a client have become long time friends. Chats about the best places to eat, secret spots to visit, the “must-do list”, all add to the experience of being here with the people who call this place home. We love helping people understand and appreciate the culture here and let me tell you we are over the moon about sharing it with you.    

Jessica Waite Makeup Artistry is a hair and makeup artist on the beautiful island of Maui