Today on the Maui Wedding Creatives Blog we are talking about a few ideas to help you save some cash on your Maui wedding! This way you can GO ALL OUT on the things that matter the most to you for your big day. Here are six ways to save money on your Maui wedding!



1. Repurpose Your Floral Arrangements

One of the larger expenses of your big day is always florals. While I still think it is important to go all out and get the dream flowers you have always wanted, there are ways to conserve and reuse some of your flowers from one segment of your wedding to the next. Often I see lots of beautiful arrangements being used on arches or on the aisle for the ceremony and after, they are not reused. If you are looking to save some money, you can coordinate flowers from your ceremony to be reused as decor for your reception, and it can save you a lot off your floral bill. 



2. Save the Paper for Your Save The Date

Printing and Post is a big expense and the more guests you have, the higher the cost. I find invitations are important to couples, but the save the date is not as important. A new trend that I have seen emerging is designing your save the date in a program like Canva and emailing the save the date. It is a completely free option to printing and mailing it and you can always print a few for memories too. 



3. Don’t Be Afraid to DIY

I’ve seen some pretty crafty DIYs this past year and some brides have told me that they have saved on the upwards of $500 just by doing it themselves and bringing it with them to Maui. Here are a few ideas of little things that you can prep before your trip and that will not take up too much weight or space in your luggage:

  • Name cards for your table settings
  • Table numbers
  • Party gifts
  • Dance Floor Props (Glow sticks, Beach balls, etc.)


4. Travel In The Off-Season

During the peak of our summer season, you will find that tickets from LAX to OGG can be pricey. Traveling during our slower months like October, November, February, or March, you can find cheaper airline tickets to get out here and hopefully stay a little longer too. 


5. BnB v.s. Resort

Depending on your wedding size It might be a good idea to check the pricing on how much it would be to get an Air BnB verses staying at a resort. Sometimes the resorts will offer room block rates which can give you and your guests a discounted rate for booking with them. If you have a lot of guests coming out to Maui the room block would most likely be better for you and your guests but if your wedding size is smaller then you might be able to find a gem on Air Bnb or VRBO.


6. Hire Your Vendors Directly 

When you hire your vendors directly not only do you get a sense of their style and expertise, but you get to know them and their personality better. I feel that it gives me the opportunity to get to know my couples better and understand their specific needs for their special day. It is important for me to get to know all my couples on a personal level before their wedding. It allows them to feel comfortable with me in front of the camera right from the start of the day, but also so their wedding can be documented as a true representation of what it felt like to be there celebrating with them (especially when the booty-shakin’ dance party starts)! And there is no mark-up when you hire your vendors direct!

The best thing about Maui Wedding Creatives is not only does we give you the opportunity to find your vendors and hire them directly all in one space, but you can feel confident that we all are on the same page about providing the best experience possible for all of our couples. Each and every one of us is transparent, taking pride in our ethical business practices and making all your Maui wedding visions come true! So if you are still in need of hiring a professional for your wedding, browse through all of our wonderful vendors throughout our site and reach out. We cant wait to see your Maui dreams come to life soon!


Moorea Thill is a Maui Wedding Photographer that specializes in capturing real and authentic moments

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