While every beauty agent will have their own unique set of instructions for you leading up to receiving your booked services. Here a few tips I like to share with our clients to help make everything run seamlessly for you and your wedding party. See you in the makeup chair! Xoxo Jessica

Maui Wedding Day Hair:

Consider your hairstyle carefully. If you are unsure about your choice ask your stylist what they recommend. Their suggestions could help you avoid choosing something that might not be the best fit for your hair type, the current weather or style of your dress.

Climate Considerations

With our very humid and windy tropical climate — most styles have a “shelf life”. For a durable style that lasts all day, we suggest going up. While we wish with all of our hearts that loose beach waves would stay in all day, mother nature often has other ideas. No amount of prepping or product will hold loosely styled hair indefinitely if it’s an exceptionally windy or humid day.

Naturally curly hair

If you have naturally curly hair and want to wear it in a sleek style for the wedding day, please keep in mind that the water content in the air on any given day will play a huge part in how long it stays that way. You may want to consider doing a style that embraces your natural curl, or book a full blowout prior to your style if your heart is set on something sleek. Show your stylist a picture your hair ahead of time along with any inspirational photos you have. Be sure to include details about your veil, hair accessories or flowers, and any extensions you plan on wearing. If you have especially long think hair or any other special needs or concerns let your stylist know when booking your appointment. That way they can give you specific instructions prior to arriving and schedule enough time to accommodate your needs ensuring the best outcome for your style.

Pro Tip

We always recommend washing your hair the night before you see us. Make sure your hair is completely dry and product-free before your stylist arrives unless otherwise instructed.


Maui Wedding Day Makeup:

If you have a very clear vision of how you want your makeup to look, or if you are very nervous and don’t know what to expect it’s a good idea to book a trial run with your artist ahead of time. Email ahead or bring photos of styles you like and images of your dress and color theme if you have one. It’s a good idea to select photos of makeup on women that have similar skin color, hair color, and ethnicity to yours. Be sure to communicate any strong likes or dislikes before your artist gets started.

Pre-game Skin Trifecta

  •  Drink a ton of water and take it easy on the libations for the plumpest skin possible.
  • Avoid getting too much sun. It’s easier to fake a tan than cover a sunburn.
  • Do not try any new products or “procedures” too close to the wedding. Even facials and brow waxing are best done no more than two weeks before.

Day of Prep

I know many artists differ on this but I feel like a freshly washed face is the best canvas for most makeup applications. Although we are huge advocates of sunscreen and moisturizers I ask my clients to skip using these products just for the day of our arrival. We prefer to use hydrating products that we know are compatible with our foundations and want to ensure you are not wearing a sunscreen that contains ingredients that will interfere with your photographer’s flash.

Making Adjustments to your Look

Most artists will do their very best to interpret your vision for your wedding day makeup, and that of your attendants and family receiving services. Doing a final look in a large mirror from a distance as well as close up with natural lighting will give you some good perspective. Because we artists are very conscious about running on time, it is important that changes are made during your service time. It’s a good idea to let your bridal party know that going back to your artist once or even multiple times for additions or changes may either cut into someone else’s time, or cause the wedding services to run later than scheduled.

If for any reason you would like something changed or adjusted, don’t be afraid to ask. Most professional artists are always happy to make minor adjustments as time allows. Nothing pains me more than finding out someone was too shy to ask for a small change that would have made them feel more comfortable.

Letting the Bride Shine

It is our team’s hearts’ desire that everyone look and feel extra beautiful and comfortable in their makeup and hairstyle. After all, we are there for just that purpose. However, it is in good taste to remember that it’s the BRIDE’S big day, and SHE should be the one who shines the MOST!


Jessica Waite is a Maui Hair and Makeup artist

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